Did you know?

  • Suicide is preventable! Most people thinking about suicide don’t really want to die, and interventions can save lives.
  • More than 90% of people who take their own life have at least one treatable mental illness.
  • Asking someone if they are thinking about suicide will not “put the idea into their head.” If you’re afraid someone you love is thinking about suicide, asking them about it can actually help ease their pain and help them find solutions.
  • White males over the age of 65 are most at risk for suicide.
  • Limiting people’s access to lethal means of suicide (e.g. locking away guns, barriers on bridges) is one of the most effective ways to prevent suicide.
  • People who talk about suicide are at risk, and not “just looking for attention.”
  • Finding the right treatment for mental illness and/or substance abuse prevents suicide!


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Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Network together with MCTV have produced informative videos about suicide prevention. You can view the videos by visiting and typing suicide in the search box. You will be able to open the videos and watch them on your computer from there.


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