Barb Smith Suicide Resource & Response Network

Who We Are…

The Barb Smith Suicide Resource & Response Network is a grassroots organization that has been serving communities since 1989.  The founder and Executive Director, Barb Smith, used her personal experience of losing her 20-year old brother, John, to suicide to build the organization hoping to find purpose for her pain.  That purpose has evolved into a team of expert, certified trainers who deliver evidence-based prevention trainings to people where they live, work, play and learn.  The Network works to bring Hope, Health and Connection in the communities we serve de-stigmatizing suicide and increasing help-seeking behaviors.


Our mission is to prevent suicide through education and resources, and to support those impacted by suicide.


Eliminate suicide and reduce its impact.

Guiding Principles

  • Suicide prevention is mental health promotion.
  • Mental health is just as important as physical health.
  • A healthy community addresses the needs of the whole person:  body, mind and spirit.
  • Preventing suicide requires fostering  and nurturing strong community partnerships.
  • Training must be provided with an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in delivery, while being tailored to the needs of unique audiences. 
  • Providing support to individuals to navigate complex community systems improves access to critical services and care.
  • Providing support for those impacted by suicide is critical. 

How We Help

Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Network offers prevention education in any setting.  Trainers can be brought into your business, school, recreation, church, or home to provide awareness or evidence based suicide prevention trainings.  Additionally, aftercare services are available in the form of a support group, LOSS team and Aftercare training for those who’s professional lives have impacted by suicide.  


Call the NSPL at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text 741741

“ After 45 years of attending various trainings and workshops, I can easily say it is the absolute best I have ever experienced.”

safeTALK participant

“I wanted to share with you that our safeTALK Training has already helped someone. One of our participants posted their training certificate on their social media account. A friend reached out, and our participant was able to connect this friend to a helpful resource.”

“I say a 10 because everyone should be provided this training. I have a friends father die from suicide, so I see the true importance and understand how to use this training so I can use it for the future. The more we are aware and trained to use this material, the more beneficial it will be for society.”