About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent suicide through education, resources, and providing support for those affected by suicide.


Support Group

When someone we love dies by suicide, our world is turned upside down. Traumatic loss can leave us feeling alone and lost, and sometimes just knowing that there are others out there who have survived this experience can be comforting.

Facilitated by peers and professionals, Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Network offers a safe and comfortable place to meet others who understand and can offer support, strength, and hope. In addition to support, our group offers the community a lending library, trainings, resources, and referrals.

Starting July 1, 2019 The Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Network support group meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM.

We are located at:

Great Lakes Bay Health Centers

3023 Davenport Ave

Saginaw, MI 48602

The support group is offered free of charge 

For more information, call (989) 781-5260 or email barb.smith@suicideresourceandresponse.net.


Education and Awareness

Barb Smith, a certified suicide prevention, intervention and aftercare specialist and founder of Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Network, facilitates our survivor’s support group. She is also available to provide suicide prevention and awareness training in the community.



“The day I lost my son VJ, life as I knew it changed forever. No hope, peace nor strength. The Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Network and the Walk for Hope has given me the strength to live, peace to survive and hope for the future.” – Heidi C.


“Last year’s Walk for Hope was so inspiring for me. To be able to speak openly about mental illness and see people find connection and hope in each other–that was a beautiful thing to watch. There was a lot of love being shared that day.” – Will Heininger, former U of M football player/National Speaker


“Our community is greatly enriched to have Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Network here. As funeral directors, we have seen survivors make it through the first terrible days thanks to the caring and wise council of Barb Smith and the team. Beyond the immediate days following suicide, The Suicide Resource and Response Network continues to help family survivors cope with their loss. The Network has addintionally been a great resource to all of us in helping us serve families of suicide loss.” – Mary Lou Case; Case Funeral Home


“After many years of losing my father it was easier to sleep than to find a way to live without him…Barb Smith simply sat and talked about my dads life in a way i hadn’t been able to in years. She helped me find a way out of my dark hole…Barb gave me permission to live in his honor and to focus on who he was in his life and not let his death define me or him.” – Beth

Did you know?

  • Suicide is preventable! Most people thinking about suicide don’t really want to die, and interventions can save lives.
  • More than 90% of people who take their own life have at least one treatable mental illness.
  • Asking someone if they are thinking about suicide will not “put the idea into their head.” If you’re afraid someone you love is thinking about suicide, asking them about it can actually help ease their pain and help them find solutions.
  • White males over the age of 65 are most at risk for suicide.
  • Limiting people’s access to lethal means of suicide (e.g. locking away guns, barriers on bridges) is one of the most effective ways to prevent suicide.
  • People who talk about suicide are at risk, and not “just looking for attention.”
  • Finding the right treatment for mental illness and/or substance abuse prevents suicide!

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